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40% of Americans who have yards use professionals for landscaping work. Evidently, we take lots of pride in our yards, which makes sense since it’s the first thing people see on our property.

When you think of taking care of the outdoor part of your home, you probably think of just pruning and trimming your trees and bushes. But an important part of yard upkeep is removing trees that are diseased and/or dead.

If this has got you thinking and you now have questions about tree removal services, then not to worry. We’re here with the answers!

Read on to see the most frequently asked questions about this service and the answers.

When Should I Consider Tree Removal Services?

Usually, tree removal is considered a last resort. This is especially true if you have someone regularly tending your yard and has the arboreal knowledge to nurse a sick tree back to health.

Should the attempts to return a tree back to optimal health be unsuccessful for whatever reason, then a professional may recommend tree removal services.

If you don’t have a regular landscaper or gardener to advise you on if you need tree removal services or not, you may be unsure if you need such drastic measures or not.

In this case, you’ll need to inspect your trees thoroughly on your own. Some signs you might need tree removal services are:

  • The tree is dead or dying
  • The tree is causing a huge safety concern
  • Said safety concern can’t be fixed through regular pruning and trimming
  • The tree has issues with its roots
  • The tree is causing crowding with other greenery
  • The tree isn’t suitable for the current environment and needs to be replaced with a better tree
  • You have construction going on and need that space cleared

Often, people need tree removal services after extreme weather has passed, such as hurricanes or bad storms. Make sure to keep you and your family’s safety as your main concern; if you feel like a tree needs to be removed promptly, don’t hesitate to call a professional right away.

What’s the Tree Removal Process Like?

When the certified arborist has determined your tree needs to be removed, they’ll then use specialized tools to cut it up into sections so removal can be as safe as possible. While 1 chop to the bottom of the tree can be quicker, it’s also a lot more dangerous, so this isn’t common practice.

Other tools they may use include wood chippers, logging trucks, and cranes.

Do I Need a Permit for Tree Removal?

This is a tough question to answer, as there are a lot of factors at play here. Not only does it depend on which municipality you live in, but it also depends on how big your tree is and where it’s located. Sometimes, it also depends on whether or not it’s considered a hazard and the species it is.

In any case, if you’re not sure, your arborist can help you find out which permits you need, if any.

When’s the Best Time for Tree Removal Services?

In general, the best time for tree removal services is in the winter. This is because most of your greenery will have entered the dormant phase, including your trees. What this means if they’ve shed its leaves, which gets rid of a lot of visual obstructions, as well as its volume.

When arborists can remove your trees in the winter, this makes it a lot easier and efficient. You won’t have to worry as much about adjacent trees or shrubs getting damaged in the process.

What Do You Do With the Wood?

In addition to tree removal services, professionals will also do stump grinding and/or removal. This will remove all traces of your dead or diseased tree so it won’t cause further issues.

As you may guess, a lot of wood is generated in the tree removal process. So where does it go?

One of two things can happen:

  1. The tree service company hauls it away so you don’t have to deal with it.
  2. The company cuts it up so you can use it as firewood.

No matter what you decide, the company will ensure your property is left clean after they’ve performed their services.

Is My Property Protected for Tree Removal Services?

Any reputable tree removal company will be licensed, bonded, and insured. Not only do they do this for their own protection, but they do so for yours as well.

While these professionals should have the proper equipment and training to remove trees from your property efficiently, accidents do happen. Should something unfortunate happen while they’re on the job on your property, you should be completely covered by the company’s insurance.

What Other Arboreal Services Should I Consider?

As we’ve said above, tree removal should be a last resort action. This means preventative care is best for your trees so you can avoid having to take such drastic actions.

A certified arborist can help you care for your trees all year long. This may seem like it costs more money in the long run, but it’ll actually save you some cash.

This is because the professional arborist can keep an eye on your trees all year long and keep them properly trimmed and pruned. By doing so, they can keep your trees from having issues with one another or your property.

Should there be any sign of disease or pests, the issue can be nipped in the bud before it becomes more serious to get rid of. When you invest in preventative care, the result is healthier trees and fewer problems that’ll not only cost you money, but also time.

Get Tree Removal Services Today

Now that your questions about tree removal are answered, hopefully, you’ll have more peace of mind and confidence about using such a service.

In addition to tree removal, it’s also good to have regular tree services done. That way, you can ensure your greenery stays nice and healthy. Not only that, but you can keep your property safer as well.

Interested in getting the best tree services in all of Augusta, GA? Then get in touch with us now!

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