When Tree Stump Removal Is Necessary

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Chris Yu

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Stumped about what to do with your tree stump?

Whether you’ve had a tree removed or the stump has been there for as long as you can remember, you still have a big chunk of a problem to deal with. Tree stump removal can be a difficult and costly affair. The methods of removing a stump involve a lot of manual labor or the use of specialized machines or dangerous chemicals.

This is why some people choose to just leave it there. Some homeowners try to dress it up or repurpose it in some way.

Those are valid options until you’ve tripped on it for the hundredth time or realize that your lawn looks tacky even after your attempt to prettify it.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to remove or keep the stump, consider these reasons.

Think of the Children

Tree stumps are not safe. They can blend into the surroundings and become virtually invisible if you have tall grass around it. Children aren’t very attentive especially if they’re playing and running around.

Your children can easily trip over the stump and fall. Even just bumping onto the solid wood can cause serious injuries.

If you think that it’s normal for children to occasionally get hurt when they play, what about if it happened to their visiting grandparents? It becomes worse if a visitor gets injured because of the stump. You may get sued because of “premises liability.”

Another safety concern is the risk of your lawnmower hitting the stump. Not only is your lawnmower likely to be toast, but it can also malfunction and eject debris that can hit and injure a bystander. That’s another potential lawsuit waiting to happen.

Root Growth

If the stump is left alone, the roots can sometimes continue to grow. It becomes an issue if they reach your pipes and sewer lines. While a tree root isn’t normally strong enough to damage your pipes, it can squirm its way into an already damaged pipe.

From there the roots can siphon water off the pipe and extend their growth. They may also cause the pipes to burst which could cost between $400 to $1500 to repair.

Another area of concern is your sidewalk. The roots can lift the sidewalk if they grow under it. Your sidewalk becomes a hazard for bikers and joggers, and yes, if they get hurt, you’re liable.

Root growth can also mess up the foundation of your house. They change the condition and structural integrity of the soil beneath the foundation. When this happens, concrete settlement follows which makes the concrete more likely to shift and crack.

Unwanted Vegetation

If you had a tree removed, there must be a valid reason. You certainly don’t want a new tree to grow back from the stump.

How is this possible? Well, the root system on occasion will have enough food left in them to produce sprouts. The sprout can grow from the roots or the stump.

If the sprouts or “suckers” develop enough leaves then the old tree has accomplished regeneration. Now, you have a bunch of little trees to deal with. Not only do these suckers look ugly, but they’re also very tough to remove and often require chemicals to get rid of.

The stump can also grow mushrooms and other fungi. They pose a danger if ingested or if the spores are inhaled. If you have pets or small children, this is a clear-cut reason to remove the stump.

Unwanted Critters

If regeneration is possible, the opposite side of the spectrum is also true. A tree stump can undergo decomposition and decay. As you know, some critters are drawn to dead and rotting things.

Decaying tree matter may attract carpenter ants, termites, and wood-boring beetles. Once they infest the stump, they can spread to the healthy plants and trees on your lawn.

If the stump is located near your home, then your house has tough times ahead. Termites and other wood-destroying insects can make quick work of your furniture, walls, and anything made of wood.

Stump Removal Raises Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’re planning to sell your property, it’s important to improve its aesthetics as much as possible. A tree stump is an eyesore, plain and simple. Maybe you’re used to seeing it by now, but it’s the first thing other people will notice when they pull up to your home.

You may have some creative ideas to make it more presentable. You can make it look like a gnome house or you could put a table or a birdbath on it. However, not everyone has the same aesthetic sense as you.

To play it safe, the best option is to just get it out of the way. Prospective homeowners value neatness and simplicity. A lawn or garden with a nice, clean view has a modest beauty that everyone can appreciate.

Create Space for Efficiency and Utility

A tree stump is a lesion that takes up valuable real estate. Every time you have to mow your lawn or weed your garden, you have to maneuver around it. The stump is a big time waster and nobody wants to spend extra time doing chores.

Also, think about what you can do with the space that’s left after the stump is gone. You can grow new plants or a flowerbed. You can even grow a vegetable garden in that small space so you can enjoy fresh produce.

You can also use that space as a canvas for your creativity. Set up an outdoor tub or a secret seating area. You can also choose the tried and tested outdoor grill, tables, and chairs.

If nothing else, the space created by removing the stump can expand the playing area of the children. You can leave it clear so they can run around in a safe, hazard-free zone.

Stomp the Stump

More often than not, the benefits of tree stump removal outweigh the costs. You’ll avoid problems that can crop up if you choose to leave the stump in place. These include pest infestation and the risk of damaging your plumbing and foundation.

Removing the stump will also enhance the aesthetics of your property and provide a safe play environment for your children.

If you have an extra space or a small garden and want to know how to make the most out of it, then check out the tips in this article!

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